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Understanding Why Your Carpets Get So Dirty (Even When They Look Clean)

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Carpet Soiling The soiling of floor coverings is an inevitable fact of life. Whatever the environment, floor covering materials are affected by both contact and airborne soiling. Soiling cannot always be identified easily and, with a pile material like a carpet, hidden soiling can be much greater than the visible soil. Categories of Soiling Soil


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British home owners disclose their dirty habits It’s that time of year again – spring has sprung. Gone are the gloomy days (well at least for now) and we can now enjoy the return of the sunshine glowing through the window. The trouble is, with the suns return comes the need to address a few


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Carpet Wizzard – Specialist Floor Care, sharing tips on how to avoid ruining your carpets Carpeting your home can be a costly experience. Choosing the style, colour and fibres can have you chopping and changing your mind, causing the odd family dispute. Once you’ve made the decision, you have the energy zapping task of emptying


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TRADE ASSOCIATION FOR THE CARPET, UPHOLSTERY AND HARD FLOOR CLEANING INDUSTRY “Service with integrity” Have you ever searched the internet or skimmed through local advertising magazines searching for ‘the right’ carpet cleaner? Do you go with the company who advertise the almost ‘too good to be true’ offer? Do you go with the company that

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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The 4 Major Benefits Of Clean Carpets Within Your Business Place Have you ever considered the benefits of fantastically clean carpets in your place of work? I doubt it. Who does? Well, depending on the line of business you’re in, you may not give the carpet in your environment much thought. The reality, however, is