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Carpet Cleaning Myths & Misconceptions

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Professional cleaning can add years to the life of your carpets and keep your home looking beautifully fresh and clean.  Indeed, hot water extraction, which is our preferred method of carpet cleaning, is not only effective at removing unsightly dirt and stains - it also removes all the ingrained grit that can damage carpet fibres. But

Our Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

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If you own a pet, I'm guessing that at some point that you've had to deal with an unfortunate 'accident.' Even without having to remove a urine or faeces stain, there's no doubt that keeping your carpets looking like new is a little more difficult if you're sharing your home with a cat or dog.

We’re Back & Ready To Clean Your Carpets, Floors & Upholstery in 2021!

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Well that was rather difficult year, wasn't it!? And while the start of 2021 is also looking a little tricky, it does look like the prospect of some normalcy is on the horizon in the coming months. As far as carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning goes, we're now back to work and booking appointments for January and