The majority of homeowners only book a carpet cleaning company when their carpets are already heavily stained.

But the best time to get your carpets cleaned is actually before they become grubby!

Keeping your carpets clean by scheduling a regular professional clean is the key to preserving their appearance and lifespan and avoiding irreversible pile damage.

But the most important reason for regular professional cleaning is to ensure your carpets are clean and free of viruses, germs and allergens.

A carpet that merely has a vacuum run over it will accumulate bacteria and germs and taint the air quality of your home.

While your carpets may look relatively clean, if they haven’t been professionally extracted in a long time, they are likely to be full of bacteria, germs, pollen and allergens that can prove a health risk to your family.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues posed to your health by dirty carpets.


Carpets harbour many allergens that cause a range of underlying issues in humans. A build up of dust, fungus, hair, dander and dust mites are just some of the common allergens hiding in the majority of household carpets.

Sinus Irritation

Many mild to severe sinus issues can be caused by carpets and furnishings in your home environment. Whether it be a stuffy nose or more painful sinus problems, your first port of call should be to ensure your carpets and fabrics are professionally cleaned and sanitised.

Skin & Eye Irritation

Skin rashes, foot fungus infections and irritated eyes can all be caused by bacteria laden dirty carpets and furnishings. Add a few drink spillages here and there and you have the perfect breeding ground.

Breathing issues

One of the most common causes of respiratory irritation is pet dander (the small skin cells shed from pets).  This can be a particular problem for those suffering from asthma. While regular vacuuming can help, a deep carpet clean is needed to get right down into the carpet pile.

To improve the health and cleanliness of your home, we recommend scheduling a professional carpet and upholstery clean at least every 12-18 months to help minimise any symptoms you may be experiencing and keep your home fresh, sanitised and beautifully clean.