Professional cleaning can add years to the life of your carpets and keep your home looking beautifully fresh and clean. 

Indeed, hot water extraction, which is our preferred method of carpet cleaning, is not only effective at removing unsightly dirt and stains – it also removes all the ingrained grit that can damage carpet fibres.

But despite its effectiveness, some people still have reservations when it comes to booking a carpet cleaner.

As with many trades, this may be because they are concerned about an unscrupulous operator, but it is often due to many of the misconceptions that remain about carpet cleaning.

In the past, some of these concerns were often valid – underpowered machines were prone to causing particular issues.

In 2021, however, this should not be the case if you do your research and choose a reputable, professional carpet cleaning company.

So, let’s go right ahead and tackle some of the concerns, misconceptions and myths that we sometimes hear people raise about having their carpets cleaned.

My carpets are wool – can they be safely cleaned?

The answer is yes.

While some wool carpets can potentially be more susceptible to damage than polypropylene carpets, if they are cleaned in the correct manner then the risk is removed.

It is important that wool carpets are cleaned using wool safe solutions and by using a machine with sufficient suction that is set to the correct temperature. This removes the risk of browning or shrinkage.

The best way to ensure your wool carpets are cleaned correctly is to hire a professionally trained company and not be tempted to book a cheap part-time operator.

If my carpets are cleaned regularly, will they wear out?

The answer is no.

Your carpets will benefit tremendously from regular professional cleaning.

As previously mentioned, it is not just the obvious stains that hot water extraction will remove – it is also all the microscopic grit and soil that agitates and degrades the fibres.

Is ‘dry’ carpet cleaning a safer and more effective cleaning process?

The answer is no.

While dry carpet cleaning can be an acceptable maintenance method of cleaning reasonably clean carpets, it simply cannot remove the grit, allergens and germs that most carpets are so effective at disguising.

It also cannot compare to the results achieved by using a hot water extraction machine when tackling grubby, heavily stained carpets.

There is a good reason that water extraction is the method recommended by the major carpet manufacturers, and it is also our preferred choice in most scenarios.

Will my carpets be wet for a long time?

They absolutely shouldn’t be!

This is a common concern of those who’ve previously rented a machine themselves or used a cheap local carpet cleaner.

But if the company is operating a modern powerful machine then your carpets should completely dry within a few short hours. Indeed, they will be much of the way to being dry as soon as we have finished our cleaning process because we extract all excess moisture from the fibres.

Will my carpets get dirty again quickly?

This is one of those myths that is a legacy of the old days of carpet cleaning.

In years gone by, many machines lacked the power to remove all the cleaning solutions from carpet fibres, which sometimes resulted in a sticky residue being left behind that acted like a magnet to fine dirt particles.

But in 2021, there really is no excuse for this to happen and it is not a concern if you’re hiring a conscientious company that operates professional equipment.

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