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How To Remove Wax From Your Carpet

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Wax is a common stain that we come across in the carpet cleaning trade. And while it can appear to be a stubborn issue (particularly as it 'sets' very quickly), it can often be removed yourself with a bit of patience and a few household items. Step 1: Gather your items Here are the items

Over-Wetting: What Causes It And Why Is It A Problem?

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Over-wetting, or carpets that take 'days' to dry, is one of the more common concerns we hear from new customers. This is usually due to previous bad experiences of having their carpets cleaned. And unfortunately, we still come across over-wet carpets quite frequently on call-outs to rectify damage caused by sloppy operatives or cheap carpet

Understanding Why Your Carpets Get So Dirty (Even When They Look Clean)

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Carpet Soiling The soiling of floor coverings is an inevitable fact of life. Whatever the environment, floor covering materials are affected by both contact and airborne soiling. Soiling cannot always be identified easily and, with a pile material like a carpet, hidden soiling can be much greater than the visible soil. Categories of Soiling Soil