The 4 Major Benefits Of Clean Carpets Within Your Business Place

Have you ever considered the benefits of fantastically clean carpets in your place of work? I doubt it. Who does? Well, depending on the line of business you’re in, you may not give the carpet in your environment much thought. The reality, however, is carpets can make a huge difference to the success of your business. Commercial carpet cleaning is a very important aspect of your operation, and a professional carpet clean can help you to keep your good reputation intact.

How can carpets have such a big impact on your business? After all, it’s merely a surface that people walk across the day in and day out. But carpet affects much more than just your feet. Here are just a few big benefits of a commercial carpet cleaning:

1 First Impressions Really Count

That old adage ‘First Impressions Count’ really is true. In our every day lives we judge people, places, businesses on that very first meeting or experience. I’m sure you’ve experienced that awkward moment when you’ve walked into an unfamiliar restaurant, may be when you’ve been on holiday or out of town on business, and you look around to see dirty tables, and grubby carpets, and that feeling of ‘eww, what must the kitchen be like’ suddenly dawns on you. And, if you’re like me you’ve immediately turned around and walked straight out again.

Well, if you have customers coming in and out of your door all day long, you better believe it that plenty of them are noticing the condition of their surroundings, including the floor. A stained or grubby carpet can imply that the rest of the place is also dirty, or that you simply aren’t bothered enough to stay on top of the appearance of your business. From offices to doctor’s surgeries to restaurants to estate agents, customers might have doubts about the cleanliness of your entire business and your ability to serve them, which will absolutely affect first impressions, your reputation, and repeat business.

2 Looking After Your Investment

Any business expense is carefully considered and budgeted for. Often the cost of fixtures and fittings is thoroughly scrutinised by the budget holder to ensure the business gets good value for money. So when you think about the cost, and time of selecting the right carpets for your business space, you should really consider how long they will last if properly maintained, after all you don’t want to go through this process anytime soon if the items you’ve purchased don’t last because of neglect. Regular carpet cleaning not only helps maintain the like-new appearance by removing dirt and stains, it also preserves the big investment you have made in this major purchase. Ideally, you’ve made a thoughtful carpet purchase for your business that is capable of withstanding normal wear and tear, and with regular professional carpet cleaning, it will help support it’s longevity.

3 A Healthy Environment = A Healthy Workforce

People who work in a corporate environment are likely to spend more time there than in their own homes. Whether your business is populated with offices, or public spaces or both, the goal should be to keep employees healthy – and providing a clean carpet is one way to make that happen. The deep-down dirt within the carpet fibres gets extracted, meaning allergens, dander, dust mites, and more unmentionables are eliminated too. Plus, professional cleaning helps reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, and mould. Regular carpet cleaning means a much healthier working environment. Most offices have a maintenance manager, in house cleaners or an outsourced cleaning service. These are great at cleaning toilets, dusting desks and vacuuming carpets, but when it comes to proper carpet cleaning, they often fall short, and in many cases are simply not trained to carry out this work. Office and industrial carpets pick up an enormous amount of dirt through continued foot traffic, not to mention stains from coffee, tea, ink and food. Surprisingly, or not, some members of staff don’t take the same care at work that they take in their own homes. Without proper professional carpet cleaning, office carpets can also become home to a range of parasites, including fleas, lice and skin mites. Only a fully trained professional carpet cleaner can guarantee the deep clean necessary to restore your carpets to pristine condition.

4 Improve on What You Have

In our experience we have noticed, time and time again, that people are creatures of habit. No matter the size and layout of you business premises, employees, clients and customers will walk the same paths repeatedly. These habits make it really difficult to maintain a uniform carpet appearance. High-traffic areas become highly visible and, if you’ve had the same carpet for a number of years it can begin to wear away in these areas. Professional carpet cleaning can help restore the natural, clean appearance of your carpets, and improve their texture from all the tamping down and abuse they take.

In most commercial environments, carpet is the number one floor covering. Whilst you may have regular cleaning teams pushing a vacuum around daily, this alone will not be sufficient. The power of a vacuum cannot compare to the power of a professional grade extractor and that is why many businesses invest in regular professional carpet cleaning contracts. A DIY carpet clean of your office, shop, nursery puts your business at risk of water-logged floors that could wind up full of mould. Leave your carpet needs to us. Carpet Wizzard are happy to take on your commercial carpet cleaning needs, no matter what type of business you operate and no matter what size. Allow us to preserve your carpet, and more importantly your reputation.