Have you ever booked a professional carpet cleaning company but were left feeling you could have hired a machine and got a similar result yourself?

Perhaps it looked a little better but overall you were underwhelmed?

Maybe they took an age to dry?

Well, these are common objections and experiences that we hear from new customers that contact us.

And in an age where everyone is online and promises the ‘best results’ it’s an almost impossible task for the consumer to understand what might differentiate one carpet cleaning company from another.

It starts with the equipment

A quality professional carpet cleaning machine is not cheap.

And in an industry where anyone can set up for a few hundred pounds, it is worth checking with your local company what machinery they are using.

As in many areas of life, you generally get what you pay for.

While you may not understand the technical aspects, a quick Google of a brand and model will inform you of how much a company night have paid for their equipment.

And this is also likely to be reflected in the price that you pay for a carpet cleaning service. It is inevitable that you will pay a little more for a company that invests more of their income into their equipment than for one that runs cheap underpowered machinery.

Training is non-negotiable

While looking for tips on carrying out a task you’re unfamiliar with, you may have heard the expression ‘YouTube is your friend.’

Well, this how many part-time carpet cleaners get started in the industry.

Rather than invest in professional training and qualifications, they take the easy route and ‘wing it.’

There are all sorts of issues with this approach.

They will not have had training in the appropriate use of chemicals, equipment and cleaning techniques, and they’re very unlikely to know how to rectify an issue or mistake.

A company that invests in training will always attain better results than a ‘fly by night’ operator, and they’ll minimise the risk of accidental damage.

Experience counts

In our working week, we come across all manner of carpets and stains.

But how do we know how to safely and effectively treat each carpet and stain?

Experience. That’s how.

Because training courses can only take you so far and simply can’t cover every eventuality.

And when you book Carpet Wizard to clean your carpets or upholstery, you’re always going to have the peace of mind that your clean will be carried out with best equipment, operated by a fully trained cleaning technician with several years of carpet and upholstery cleaning experience.


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