Choosing a reputable carpet cleaner should be straightforward – in theory.

But in an age when people are jaded by continual HALF PRICE SALES and ads that seem too good to be true, it’s not always easy to know who to trust.

This is never more true than in the carpet cleaning industry.

While there are some reputable carpet cleaning companies that do offer occasional genuine deals, many price-slashing headlines are often misleading.

One common example is to advertise a full home carpet clean for an artificially low price: CARPET CLEANING SALE – 2 Bed House From Only £50…

There are often caveats with an offer like this…

  • How many carpets does the deal include – and is the final price affected by room sizes?
  • Does the word “from” suggest that this price will only include a basic clean and not a full professional service?
  • Will the cleaning operative move and clean under furniture?
  • With such a low price, is the company fully trained and insured?
  • Are they using a modern, powerful machinery or merely a supermarket rental model?
  • Will the price be increased due to unexpected ‘extras’ such as stubborn stains?

Before committing to any headline deal, it is wise to check all these points and please don’t be afraid to decline if you are unsure of anything.

How to differentiate between price and value

Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company

There are now so many shops and tool hire companies offering cheap carpet cleaning machines rentals, that it has made the industry barrier to entry very low.

While many carpet cleaning companies do invest in training and quality equipment, there are far too many without any formal training or insurance and that are more than happy to take their chances using an under-powered rental machine.

Professional carpet cleaning machines are not a cheap investment, and when you consider the cost of chemicals, training, insurance and maintenance, it is almost impossible to make a profit charging £50 for an entire home.

Undoubtedly, such a price means your carpets will be cleaned using equipment and products that are not fit for purpose. If you’re unlucky, it may leave you with damaged or over-wet carpets.  And if not covered by insurance, it may lead to a very expensive mistake!

Professional carpet cleaning should not cost a small fortune…

But it is also a skilled trade that should not be decided purely on price.

When undertaken by a reputable company, it is a fantastic value for money service that will save considerable expense when compared to replacing your carpets. Carried out with the best professional equipment, it is safe and effective, and actually saves you a small fortune compared to replacing your carpets.

How do you find a reputable company?

Whether you’re local to Carpet Wizard, or not, here’s some tips to help you choose a company you can trust:

  • Are they using a professional machine with sufficient PSI and suction?  (Ask for the brand name and do some research)
  • Do they have any professional training? (Ask for evidence)
  • Do they hold full insurance?
  • How many years have they been trading?
  • Do they have any online review / references you can take a look at?

Finding a reputable local carpet cleaning company shouldn’t be difficult or too expensive.

It just pays to do some research first.

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