Wax is a common stain that we come across in the carpet cleaning trade.

And while it can appear to be a stubborn issue (particularly as it ‘sets’ very quickly), it can often be removed yourself with a bit of patience and a few household items.

Step 1: Gather your items

Here are the items you’ll need to tackle a wax spillage.

  • Towel
  • Blunt knife
  • Paper bag
  • Iron
  • Vacuum

Step 2: Scrape the wax

Use your blunt knife to scrape as much wax as possible from the carpet. A butter knife is perfect and will help minimise any risk of damage.

Take your time and work slowly!

Step 3: Heat the wax

Now that you have removed the bulk of the wax, it is time to tackle the stubborn mass that is embedded in the carpet fibres! Turn on your iron to its lowest temperature initially to prevent accidentally burning the fibres!

Place the paper bag over the wax and carefully run the iron over the area. The wax will melt and stick to the paper bag. Repeat until all wax has been removed.

Step 5: Vacuum the Carpet

It is now time to vacuum up any loose particles. If you have access to one of our professional stain removal spotter bottles then lightly spray the area and blot up any remnants with a clean white towel before vacuuming once again.

If any staining remains, contact us for further advice.