If you own a pet, I’m guessing that at some point that you’ve had to deal with an unfortunate ‘accident.’

Even without having to remove a urine or faeces stain, there’s no doubt that keeping your carpets looking like new is a little more difficult if you’re sharing your home with a cat or dog.

And that’s why regular professional carpet cleaning is even more important for pet owners.

But how can you keep on top of your carpets yourself in between carpet cleaning appointments?

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Let’s take a look at some of the common issues…

Carpet issues faced by pet owners

‘Natural’ Accidents 

Urine and faeces stains are not the most pleasant issues to tackle, particularly without professional equipment.

They can be unsightly and also cause stubborn lingering odours. It is vital they are tackled as soon as possible to prevent the stains becoming permanent.

With urine and faeces, our advice is to remove any excess staining by blotting using a clean white towel and fresh water and call your local professional carpet cleaning company to book an appointment as soon as possible.


Most pets shed hairs to some degree – some a lot more than others.

They will also shed skin (dander) and body oils that can become embedded into carpet fibres.

Besides regularly grooming your pets and vacuuming your carpets, we recommend the occasional use of a window squeegee type tool that can effectively round up all those embedded hairs that the vacuum can’t extract.

Simply run it through any high traffic areas of carpet (such as stairs) every couple of weeks and you’ll be amazed at how much hair you’ll remove!

Garden Stains

Muddy paws…

There’s nothing quite as infuriating as spending time mopping and vacuuming only to find an excitable pet running in from the garden and tramping a load of mud over your freshly cleaned floors!

To combat the worst of this, perhaps consider placing a door mat (inside and out) to trap any soil and garden debris.

And again, our advice remains the same – blot (don’t scrub) any stains with a clean cloth and fresh water and please avoid using cheap supermarket stain removers. And if any staining appears permanent, call your professional for further advice.


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