Over-wetting, or carpets that take ‘days’ to dry, is one of the more common concerns we hear from new customers.

This is usually due to previous bad experiences of having their carpets cleaned.

And unfortunately, we still come across over-wet carpets quite frequently on call-outs to rectify damage caused by sloppy operatives or cheap carpet cleaning machines.

In fact, we find that supermarket rental machines are responsible for the majority of carpets that have been over-wet.

Closely followed by untrained part-time Facebook carpet cleaners that operate machines with insufficient vacuum power.

And while it may only sound a small inconvenience to be left with carpets that take longer to dry, there are other issues excess moisture can cause, some of which can prove irreparable.

Foul Odours

If your carpets are left very wet and they struggle to dry in a few hours, you may find you’re left with a very nasty smell due to the proliferation of bacteria or mould, particularly if the water has seeped into the underlay.

Once a carpet has been cleaned, the majority of the moisture should have been removed, only leaving a slight dampness that will dissipate over a few hours.

It is also important to ensure there is sufficient airflow and so leaving doors and windows ajar is a sensible precaution.

If your carpet remains wet late into tea day then please contact your local trusted carpet cleaning technician for advice.

Carpet Shrinkage

Over-wetting a carpet can actually cause it to shrink from the edges.

It is important to understand the type of carpet you have in your home and that a machine we a powerful vacuum is used to extract the maximum amount of moisture.

Sometimes, a shrunk carpet can be re-stretched, but just as often the damage can be permanent. If you are unsure of how to clean carpets correctly, please don’t tale the risk. Call a professional company instead.


Browning is when carpets (particularly wool) don’t dry quickly enough leaving unsightly brown marks on the fibres which are usually mistaken for stains. Often, a homeowner will mistakenly believe new brown stains have appeared from nowhere. Almost without exception, the cause will be browning.

These marks will require specialist professional treatment to remove them successfully.

During our working weeks, we’re often called out to rectify this issue due to inexperienced carpet cleaning companies and the use of the dreaded supermarket rental machines!