How much should a professional carpet clean cost?

Carpet cleaning sales are not an uncommon sight on the internet.

And if you’ve done any research on carpet cleaning, you’ll find a wide range of prices being charged for the service.

But why is this? And is there a good reason why one company may charge £50 for a 3 bed house and another company might charge £200?

Many things influence the price a company will charge for carpet cleaning. Here are some of the most important.

Incorrectly quoted

Sometimes, a headline price or phone quotation may fail to take into account the actual sizes of your rooms or the logistics of carrying out the work. There can be a wide range of living room sizes for example, and the logistics of carrying out a clean at a top floor apartment will differ greatly to a local house with 0n-drive parking. Each factor can add an increased cost in time and materials.

Stain removal

The number of stains that need to be treated can also affect the cost of a clean. While we have always included stain removal in the cost of our cleaning work, some companies may charge extra due to the clean taking longer than expected or due to the cost of stain removal products.

It is important to ask if the price includes all stain removal once you have received your quotation.

Cost of materials & equipment

The standard of machinery used (and therefore the cost) will add to a company’s overheads and so this will obviously affect the prices they charge. To get the best results, a company should have invested in powerful machinery and high quality cleaning solutions. Often, if you’re paying a very cheap price for carpet cleaning, it is because the operator is using cheap equipment and products.

Business insurance & training

Any carpet cleaning company worth their salt should have invested in industry recognised training and hold full business insurance. Firstly, it means they are knowledgable enough to attain excellent results, and secondly, it minimises the risk of accidental damage and being liable for any costs incurred!

At the very least, it is vital you check the company is insured.


Every carpet cleaning company will have their own unique prices, and this will be influenced by all the above points.

Their level of knowledge, business overheads, expenses, schedule and trustworthiness will all affect the end cost of your clean.

While you may be thrilled to find a very cheap local carpet cleaner who can arrive and clean your carpets today, there is likely to be a very good reason for it.