Why you should hire a professional carpet cleaner

Is regular professional carpet cleaning a necessity? Or can you carry out the work to an acceptable standard yourself?

Well, we’ve covered the pitfalls of renting a machine and cleaning your own carpets previously. And that’s why we always recommend hiring a professional rather than attempting to carry out a technical job without any experience.

And so let’s take a look at why you should schedule regular professional carpet cleaning appointments for your home carpets.

There are health risks from living with grubby carpets that aren’t regularly cleaned

A dirty carpet is not just an annoyance. It can also be dirt and bacteria magnet that can affect your health.

Carpet fibres trap allergens such as dust, pollen, pet hair dust mites and dander. These allergens are released into the atmosphere of a room when vacuumed or agitated with foot traffic.

In the case of dust mites, they are proven to be linked to eczema, asthma and rhinitis.

A deep professional carpet clean will ensure these common allergens are removed from your carpet fibres.

Professional cleaning saves money over the longer term

An annual carpet clean will remove the grit that becomes embedded in the fibres, causing them to wear and degrade. This causes unsightly worn areas in carpets and means you’ll be replacing them prematurely.

A regular cleaning schedule can add years to the life of carpets and help you avoid an expensive and inconvenient replacements.

A professional carpet cleaner will know how to treat and clean different carpet fibres safely and will choose the correct solutions to help prolong their lifespan.